Powerdrive offer a full range of remanufactured, new and service exchange diesel fuel injectors from all the major manufactures.

Simply click on the relevant Tab either diesel pumps or diesel injectors and then select the relevant vehicle Tab, if you can’t find your vehicle, or the relevant part number, then please give us a call as and we will be happy to help identify the product and give you a price for repair or exchange.

Part numbers listed on the items will be found on the product, either stamped, via a name plate or on a sticker. Sometimes the product number can be hard to read and not clear due to the age of the item and being exposed to the elements, again we can advise what part is require through vehicle identification if required. Please call if you are having any problems.

Injector part numbers with be in the following place depending a manufacture.

  • Bosch: Part number will be on the Solenoid valve electrical connection end and start 0445 ……….

  • Delphi: Part number will be on the injector body on a label by the electrical connection and start….EJBR0……

  • Denso: Part number will be on the injector body but only visible with the injector removed. Laser etched on the side of the injector and have various numbers. generally starting 095000….

  • Siemens/continental: Part number will be on the solenoid valve electrical connection end and start.. 5WS or ….AC2…..


We offer a full 24 month Warranty on all of our serviced fuel injectors.