Automotive Diesel fuel injection equipment recondition.


Powerdrive offer a one stop shop for the overhaul, repair and maintenance of diesel fuel injection equipment and associated systems, which include turbochargers, engine management components, DPF filters, sensors and much more.

We have invested heavily in authorised OEM test equipment at our garage from Bosch and Hartridge this enables us to offer our customers the best quality service, repair and a full 24 month warranty.

Test Benches.

BOSCH EPS 708 {Bosch and Siemens / continental authorised Test and repair }


HARTRIDGE AVM2 PC 20/12  {Delphi Diesel Systems authorised Test and repair }

HARTRIDGE HK1400  Unit Injector Tester { Bosch/Siemens PD /TD5}

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Hartridge AVM 2 PC

untitled (18)

Bosch 815




Hartridge HK1400 Unit injector Tester


Key Diesel Systems serviced and repaired

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  • Bosch VP 30
  • Bosch VP 44
  • Bosch EDC
  • Bosch Common Rail CP1 -CP3
  • Bosch Inline pump and governor
  • Bosch Common rail injector / Automotive and commercial
  • Bosch VE
  • Bosch unit injector


  • Delphi / Lucus  DPA
  • Delphi / Lucus  DPCuntitled (20)
  • Delphi Common Rail Pump DP1-6
  • Delphi / Lucus / Sims Inline fuel Pump
  • Delphi Common rail injector 2CI & 3CI
  • Delphi DP200/210  type
  • Delphi / Lucus Epic
  • Delphi / Lucus Unit injector


  • Denso VE
  • Denso Inline Mechanical
  • Denso Common rail pump
  • Denso Common Rail injectoruntitled (21)
  • Denso Mechanical injectors


  • Siemens / Conti  Common rail pump
  • Siemens / Conti  Common rail injectors
  • Siemens spare parts supply

Many more different manufactures types of diesel systems can be Tested, serviced and repaired.

Please Contact us : For more Information and latest pricing.   02392 650404